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Guide to Material Handling Equipment

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Daily Checks for Your Forklift

  Routine and proactive maintenance is the way to make your machine handling equipment last. While the advanced technology and moving parts of your machinery add value to the workplace, they also can increase the likelihood that you'll experience problems.  At Trupar America, we've put together the top daily checks you should make on your forklift equipment to stay ahead of any problems and ensure your equipment is safe to operate.  Create a Daily Checklist Provide employees with a physical checklist they can walk around with and use to check off each task they need to do. This works well for smaller companies providing employees with a guide so that nothing is forgotten. If you have a larger organization, we recommend that you include completion and sign-off for each item. With either a sheet of paper or via a digital tablet, your employees should be required to check a box after each component is checked. This will help to ensure that all daily checks are completed, and no it

Trupar America Joins MHEDA

  Trupar America is proud to announce that we have joined the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) to enhance our business and take our customer service to the next level!  What is MHEDA? MHEDA is a 501(c)6 non-profit trade association dedicated to serving all segments of the material handling business community. For over 65 years, MHDEA has provided material handling companies and employees with: Leadership training Business resources Networking opportunities Career development tools Benchmarking data Insights on industry trends Its mission is to help enhance its members’ success through superior programming in the areas of networking, education, and benchmarking. Established in 1954, MHDEA has been led by hundreds of volunteer directors who worked to make MHDEA the growing national trade association it is today.  With over 600 members, MHEDA is a thriving association supported by the finest distributors, manufacturers, and factory-owned branches within the mat

Common Clark Forklift Parts to Have Around

With shipping delays and supply chain issues caused by COVID-19, it's critical to keep certain Clark forklift parts on hand to keep operations running smoothly. At Trupar America, we've put together a list of common Clark parts we recommend you keep on hand. Commonly Replaced Clark Forklift Parts to Stock Up On The experts at Trupar America recommend that you keep the following commonly replaced Clark forklift parts in stock to keep your forklifts running efficiently: Oil and Hydraulic Fluids Oil and hydraulic fluids are critical to the life and operation of your forklifts. With a stock of oil and hydraulic fluids on hand, you will be able to keep your lines clean and your levels topped off, ensuring you get the most out of your machinery. Lubricants We also recommend keeping chain and cable lubricant and innerslide lubricant on hand. This will keep everything running smoothly and prevent you from interrupting operations to wait until you have the right products. Air and Oil

Saving Money With Forklift Rentals

As a business owner, you understand the importance of saving money. Regarding material handling equipment, renting items such as forklifts can help you stay on budget. When renting equipment take these steps to help you save money: How Do I Save Money on My Forklift Rental? Choose the Right Size Forklift To ensure you have the right forklift for the job, you need to make sure you are choosing the proper forklift for the job you need to have done. It’s important to remember that the higher the lifting capacity the forklift has, the higher the rental cost can be.  Finding the right size will save you money and ensure you can get the job done. If you get a forklift that is too small, you won’t be able to lift the heavy loads you need to move, and if you get a forklift that is too big, you’ll be spending money on lifting capacity that you won’t be utilizing. Get the Materials You Need  Sometimes you may be offered additional features, products, or services that can increase your rental cos

Different Forklift Types and Choosing the Right One

Forklifts are a versatile and handy piece of equipment to have in your warehouse. They are the perfect machine to use for moving heavy loads safely in your warehouse or on the construction field. With a wide range of models and styles available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which type of forklift is right for your operation.  At Trupar America, we have a large selection of different forklift types to rent or purchase. We’ve put together a guide that provides more information on the different types of forklifts and their benefits to help you determine which type best fits your needs.  Types of Forklifts to Consider  Warehouse Forklift for Large Inventories This is one of the most common forklifts found in a variety of industries, specifically in a warehouse where there are a lot of items in inventory. This forklift looks like a golf cart that has forks sticking out of the front. Pallets and balanced materials are easily hauled and unloaded with this type of forklift.

Importance of Forklift Safety

  Forklifts are one of the most used pieces of equipment on your worksite. Just like with any industrial equipment, they can pose a safety risk if not used by properly trained crews. According to Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), an estimated 34,900 serious injuries and 85 fatal accidents are caused by forklifts every year.  Tips for Forklift Safety At Trupar America , we’ve put together some helpful tips to keep you and your crew safe while operating a forklift.  Get Proper Training With 25% of forklift accidents being caused by inadequate training, it is important to only allow those who have been trained and licensed to run a forklift. Make sure your operators have a forklift certification, and be sure to evaluate employee performance once every three years. You can supplement their training with demonstrations, lectures, videos, and more.  Perform Daily Equipment Inspections Your crew should know to inspect the forklift prior to every use. We recommend that the