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Gas vs. Electric Forklift

  If you've been looking for a new forklift to add to your fleet, you may be wondering if you should get a gas forklift or an electrical forklift. Gas-powered forklifts have always been a staple in many warehouses and facilities, but electric forklifts have also become available, offering an alternative to gas.  At Trupar America, we've put together a guide on gas and electric forklifts to help you make the right choice for your business!  Gas Powered Forklifts  What are the Benefits of Gas-Powered Forklifts? From moving heavy materials around your warehouse or loading goods onto trucks, gas-powered forklifts are a great asset for your business—these work using internal combustion engines that use different types of gas to function, such as compressed natural gas, gasoline, diesel, and liquid petroleum gas.  These are excellent tools for everyday operations, with advantages such as: Easy on your budget- When you purchase a gas-powered forklift, you can expect an upfront cost of