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Sit Down Vs. Stand Up Forklifts

In many cases, most warehouse operators likely choose traditional sit-down forklifts as the best option for the operations. But that may not always be the case. Have you taken the time to consider other forklift options? Before you purchase your next forklift for your operation, it is essential to consider the following: Do you need to maneuver through tight areas or narrow aisles? What type of operational area do you have? Consider the surface type, travel distances, traffic patterns, etc. Are your operators making a short run or long-distance runs? Which model, sit down or stand up, would increase productivity? How much time is the operator spending moving onto and off the forklift? Sit Down or Stand Up? With many leading manufacturers, there is a significant focus on operator comfort and how their comfort impacts productivity. To help make operators more comfortable and allow them to see the load at all positions, you should consider how comfortable each type of forklift is to use f