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How Often to Service a Forklift

The more your forklift is used, the more often it will need to be serviced to remain safe and efficient to use. If your forklifts are used heavily, they may require forklift maintenance every 90 days. Routine maintenance checks play a major role in preserving your forklift’s lifespan and performance.   In most cases, forklift companies will recommend that you service your forklift based on time and usage intervals.  What are Time Intervals and Usage Intervals? Usage intervals are measured using your key or pedal hours. Time intervals are measured in days and months. At Trupar America, we recommend that you have your forklift serviced based on how often you use your forklift or your usage intervals.  We recommend full service at 200 hours. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will complete  the following: Grease the chassis and the mast components Install a new fuel filter Change the oil Install a new oil filter and air filter Adjust engine idle speed and ignition timing Inspe