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How to Buy the Right Forklift

When shopping for a forklift, it is crucial to purchase the right one for your business. Without the right forklift, there can be a negative effect on productivity, operation costs, employee morale, and stock management. With a wide range of forklifts out there, each designed for a specific job, it is important to understand what you need when searching for “forklifts for sale near me.”

Determining the Type of Forklift, You Need for Your Business

There are several vital factors you need to consider when shopping for the right forklift, including:

Load Size/Capacity

Choosing a forklift that does not meet load capacity requirements would be a major mistake. When looking at forklifts, be sure to determine:

•    Average load weight
•    Type of stock the forklift will be handling
•    Width of your loads
•    Weight of the heaviest load you will need to lift

It is also important to know the type of load the forklift will be handling to determine if you will require specific forklift attachments for more accurate load placements and to move the load more efficiently, such as paper roll clamps or appliance clamps. 

Forklift Hauling Pallets
Height Requirements

In addition to determining the maximum load weight, you will also need to make sure that the forklift meets your height restrictions. You will need to determine:

•    Typical lift height
•    Any Height restrictions such as low hanging lights
•    The highest point the forklift needs to reach

You should also look at your warehouse aisle width and height requirements, well as the collapsed height of the if the forklift is required to move under a structure such as a container door. 

Environment & Tire Selection 

The business environment that the forklift will be operating in is also a significant factor to consider. You will want to consider whether the forklift will travel on smooth or rough surfaces, indoors or outdoors, and you will also want to look at how many hours the forklift will be operated daily. 

Forklifts have a wide range of options for tires, with the most common types being pneumatic or solid. Forklift tires are also available in non-marking white and cushioned. Each of these types of tires has a specific use and works best in certain environments. 


Keep in mind that a forklift operator will spend hours at a time on the machine, so it is important to take their comfort into consideration when purchasing a forklift. Look for high quality, ergonomic seating that can be adjusted to help avoid injuries and back pain. 

Fuel Selection

Forklifts can be powered by either diesel, electric, or gas. Upfront, electric forklifts have a higher cost, but they also have a longer lifespan and will be cheaper in fuel costs than other forklifts. Electric forklifts are also very quiet when in operation, and they do not produce any emissions. This makes them great for cold climates or for use indoors. 

Diesel- and gas-powered forklifts can move larger loads and can also move much faster than electric forklifts.  If you plan to utilize your forklift for heavy lifting or outdoor transportation, then a diesel-powered forklift is recommended. 

Should you Buy New, Used, or Rent?

Each option has its own pros and cons, but ultimately, the decision comes down to how much you will be using the forklift each week. A new forklift has a higher upfront cost but is a great option whether you use the forklift frequently or infrequently. New forklifts also have fewer breakdowns and require less servicing. 

If you want a lower upfront cost, then buying a used forklift is a great option. If you use your forklift less than 10 hours per week, this is a great option. Keep in mind that the breakdowns and service costs will be higher for a used forklift. 

Renting a forklift requires a lower upfront cost and allows you to save money for other aspects of your business. It also gives you the chance to test out a forklift and see what type fits best in your operations.

At Trupar, we offer a wide selection of high quality new, used, and rental forklifts to suit your needs. When searching online for “forklift rentals near me,” be sure to choose Trupar for quality equipment and customer-focused service! 


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